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Types of Liming Materials

Limestone rock is formed from the compressed skeletons of dead marine creatures. Limestone rock is a rich source of calcium and soils formed from such rocks contain plenty of lime. In Ireland, our main source of lime is from limestone quarries. Here, the rock is ground to a fine material suitable for spreading on the
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Soil Testing

What is soil testing? Soil analysis is a set of various chemical processes that determine the amount of available plant nutrients in the soil, but also the chemical, physical and biological soil properties important for plant nutrition, or “soil health”. So basically, soil sampling and testing provides an estimate of the capacity of the soil
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Prospect Resources secures $10mln offtake deal for lithium mine

By HARARE, November 10 (The Source) – Australian-listed junior miner Prospect Resources has secured a seven year off-take arrangement with Hong Kong based Sinomine Resources Exploration. Sinomine Resources Exploration will invest $10 million in Prospect’s Arcadia lithium project in Harare to fund construction of its mine and plant. Under the offtake arrangement, Prospect agreed