Onsite Services

Zimlabs mine site serives provides tailored solutions delivered at your exploration project or mine site. From mobile sample preparation facilities to full service mine control labs, Zimlabs Mine site provides cost effective, high quality onsite support.

  • Sample Preparation
  • Mine Site labs- design, build, update , expand
  • Training and staffing on a contract basis
  • Metallurgical test work
  • Auxillary support services- environmental analysis

Sample Submission

Security in the chain of custody for your samples as they pass through our system is of paramount importance. To provide complete traceability, your samples are given a unique ID (barcode) and logged into our laboratory information management system on receipt.

Sample Storage

Materials submitted for analysis are retained free of charge at our laboratories for a limited time, starting from the day we issue the final Certificate of Analysis. Prepared master pulps are stored for 90 days and coarse and fine reject fractions are stored for 45 days. Reasonable monthly charges will apply to samples archived for longer periods in our facilities. Zimlabs sample storage facilities provide a secure and organized environment protected from the elements.

Water and Wastewater

Zimlabs provides analytical testing to support drinking water regulations and help our customers manage municipal and industrial wastewater to meet compliance approvals and standards.

We work with small municipalities to some of the largest municipalities in Zimbabwe to help manage their wastewater streams through comprehensive testing programs including chemistry , trace elements and microbiology. Our data allows customers to monitor and adjust their treatment to optimal levels to meet discharge standards and minimize cost.